hey there

I have a passion for people..and melt over puppies

Thank you for visiting! If you are here I am going to guess you are looking to be empowered in some way. I want to share my work with you as well as my life.

I want to share some things with myself and hopefully you will share some things about you too. 

I have a passion for helping others, like for real I can't help myself!

I have a dog that when my kids don't cooperate gets photoshoots. He is a husky shepard mix.

I have 3 boys and we have non stop chaos in our home. This helps me be able to multi task like a champ!

I am very very afraid of heights, even at the mall if I look over the glass I may panic.

I have been told I won't amount to anything by a male who thought he could control the outcome of my life. This has driven me to not only be a boss but help other women as well. 

I love sushi, coffee, homemade meals and try to eat plant based if possible. My husband calls me a hippy with I will happily agree. I am down to earth and a good listener.

I am excited to start a journey with you, wherever that may be. 

Krystal Shuga

Photographer, Blogger

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