This has been in the making

I am so ready to watch you succeed!

I was born a helper and teacher at heart. I love to see people succeed and use my time to help them grow. It must be in my DNA because that feeling never goes away. So here it is...the official start of resources for other photographers. I can't wait to see your success and cheer you on!

Krystal Shuga

Photographer Resource Store

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Boudoir Email Workflow for Book Clients $99

Your purchase gives you access to an easy copy and paste email format that can easily be plugged into any client management software or canned email format. 

You can adjust and fine tune to fit your personality but the main work is done for you. I personally use Dubsado for my workflow and it really does make life easy, so I highly recommend their software and have a 20% off link in the guide.

This guide includes:

*Welcome email to client Boudoir

*Boudoir Getting to know you for your session 

*Link to my Boudoir Prep Guide

*Pre-Payment Questionnaire

*Lingerie Questionnaire

*Your session is almost here! 

*Tomorrow is the day, let's do this!

*Well that was amazing wasn't it? (Reminder email for ordering session details)

*Thank you for choosing me for your portrait session (Emailing encouraging review)