Rockford IL Portrait Photographer

It's always been about a moment

Krystal Shuga, Owner 

I have always wanted to create a feeling, moment and experience. The element of shock or excitement are a pretty amazing thing. That is before the photos. It is having coffee with a client and hearing about their life and laughing and beginning a friendship to seeing their face light up when they come to their session. It's not the photos, it is the moment of them feeling empowered and celebrated by other people around them who want to see them smile and come out of their shell. Watching them get comfortable and have fun posing and feeling beautiful.

Watching as they see their images and can't believe how they look and feel as they look through them. The celebration of giving them their beautiful products they invested in to remember this experience. To remember the moment they let go and remembered to love themselves

I cherish the moments, the friendships and being part of something bigger for someone else. It's always been about the moment. 

Krystal Shuga