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Celebrating your moment

We stay inside to be safe. To protect those around us, but we haven't forgotten you. Soon to be graduates, parents watching their baby turn 1, those engagement moments promising a whole life together. We have not forgotten. 

The celebrations may have to happen at home right now but when the air clears and things are as they were let me help you see that this celebration deserves a lasting memory of portraits. As we all are facing uncertainty with income I want that to be your last worry. My goal this summer is to help as many families as possible with the their moments without income being a barrier. Welcome to Project Celebrate 

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Sessions will be 100% free for those who apply and are accepted for Project Celebrate. Your session will include location, set up professionally edited images, 15 images for digital use, 30 second video and a 16x20 canvas. 

All sessions planned to take place in 2020. 

As a small business I want to help as many as possible but need your help.

Please consider sponsoring a families session to help eliminate the income barrier they may face. 

A portrait may be a luxury but a memory of a moment is worth everything. 


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