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Our Mission

To offer professional portrait experiences to families with children with special needs that give you memories that document the beauty of your family. 


Our Goal

This project has been in my heart since my son Noah was born. I would have missed photographing some important milestones if I were not a photographer. Every child deserves to have professional images that their families can look back at and find joy in moments that may have felt heavy. See the beauty in their child and know they are loved and valued. I am starting this as a project, but I do have goals I will continue to share and hope for what will come. I will be donating 5 sessions per year to help families, but as a mother myself with a child with special needs, to continue this project I am asking for amazing people like you to consider sponsoring a families session. Not only does this give a family the chance to have a professional portrait session, this helps a mother with a special needs child continue to offer professional photography to others while creating an income to support her family. In 2023 I will also be starting the process of becoming a 501(c)3. I am excited to share my talent with many families this year and the future.  

Meet The Photographer

What participants receive 

All participants receive our silver collection which includes 15 Digitals Images. Along with their session, all families receive guided posing unlimited session time to make sure they have a great experience. 

Where do my donations go?

All donations are used for the family's session cost. Also to help with equipment upgrades to provide the best experience and special equipment to provide even more of an inclusive space. At this point, we are not a non-profit but working as a personal project to provide sessions to families. 

How can I sign up for a session?

Fill out our form below to be considered for a session. Sessions are not limited to just family. If you have a child with special needs that is celebrating something special or a high school senior please feel free to reach out! Right now I will be trying my best to take all inquiries and offer sessions. If we fill up quick, there may be a waiting list. 

Are there any requirements?

We are built off a trust system for our applicants. We want to create the least amount of barriers to our session experience. 

Interested in a session?

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