Outdoor therapy

I am in day 2 of being stuck at home because of the corona virus and I know I need to be thankful staying safe but this is a struggle for me. Feeling confined because I am stuck at home even though I spend much of my time here when I can't leave it feels different. Feels restrictive, boring and is draining my energy. If you know me you know I am more extroverted and love people and all the things. Trying things, going places and gathering people together. This is hard for me and many others.

Today we went outside and played bubbles and I grabbed my camera to take photos of spring. Just stepping outside lifted that pressure off me for a while. Listening to the birds chirp and seeing the squirrels play was enough to remind me this only a moment and there is beauty to come. Unfortunately I broke my favorite lens my 70-200 that I use the most outdoors. I can still shoot manually but it takes some muscle because it almost gets stuck while turning the lens. Even with that I wanted to capture the beauty outside and share it with you. The buds, the water, growth and color of the beautiful trees soon to display green and red leaves.

I hope this helps lift your spirits as it did mine and if not go outside and let me see your photos of the beautiful things blooming around you.

What is your favorite thing about spring? I am very excited for my tulips to bloom soon and I promise to share photos.

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