The battle with confidence

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

It seems most women are very open to this discussion but we don't seem to know how to resolve it.

Lack of confidence

We have spurts of it when we are dolled up or have on our best makeup but we can't seem to keep a hold of it all the time. We get this idea in our head that without certain, things or certain looks or maybe a certain waistline we are not good enough, pretty enough or worthy. Can you think of the first time you thought the I'm not good enough thought? I am pretty sure I was around 2nd grade the first time I thought this when I was made fun of for body hair. So 20/30 even 40 years later of different things we are told about ourselves to change how are we possibly suppose to rewire our brain?

I believe it starts with us and how we perceive ourselves and what we say out loud. You may not even think you are saying image destructive things each day but they come out without us even thinking about it that is how powerful the brain is when we have convinced ourselves of things over time. There isn't going to be an easy fix or say this for 12 days and you will be the most confident women, no this will take time and even be challenging to start. We will be reluctant to even have some things come out of our mouth because we have been set a certain way for so long. But the way to changing your thought process and confidence is telling yourself things you know deep deep down are true but you have convinced yourself otherwise.

It may feel silly to have self mantra's or talk to yourself in the bathroom or car in the morning but you can slowly rewire your brain and empower yourself to be confident and realize the self worth that should have always been there.

So what can you tell your self today to help build your confidence back up. What thought has been lurking that you need to change? How can you change self destructive habits into therapeutic ones?

I am worth being loved.

I am beautiful.

I have much to give others.

I am unique and this is real beauty.

I am a fierce woman.

Please comment I would love to hear how we are all working little by little on being a stronger, better beautiful women together.

Krystal Shuga

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