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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I planted a garden this year. I have planted gardens before but this was the most exciting time because it was in my family’s first home. A home we plan to grow old in and make memories. I envisioned my garden and my kids picking tomatoes and fruit right off the bush. The excitement of seeing things flourish. So today as I sat listening to podcast for my professional life I thought about how similar it is to my garden.

The time I have taken for it to grow and sowing seeds and waiting for them to reap the benefits.

But don’t you think with your garden you can get excited, buy plants, dig in the soil but if you don’t have an understanding on how far to dig, what soil certain plants need or even if you need shade, sun or part sun your plants are going to die? I mean I did all this work and it still is going to die? I didn’t know I should water it that much or not water at all and let the rain take care of it. I really was expecting more then 2 tomatoes.

I am sorry to say best intentions do not make your garden grow. Ideas to not build businesses or help you advance in your career. Truth is I did a lot of research to make my garden grow. I tend to be over the top when diving into things as far as joining online gardening groups as well. So I found the perfect spot checked the soil and even what plants should and shouldn’t be planted together. My garden did pretty well this year. Sometimes there were issues that needed more research and questions but I would figure it out and move forward. Just as I imagined my youngest son runs to the garden in the morning for tomatoes, he eats them like apples.

So with your garden how did you do this year? Is your garden your career, business start up or family? Did you start it with best intention and hope it would turn out? Or did you take the time extra energy and trial and error through learning to build it as best as possible?

What will look different as you grow every aspect of our life as if starting as an idea to dig into the soil and learn the best possible ways to grow?

Start with your grand idea

Plan how it will go into place

Start working!

Learn about your garden, research your garden and become an expert

What is your garden today?

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