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Blog vs email which one wins?

Updated: 4 days ago

Ahh more content to come up with, lovely right?

Blogging VS Email Marketing:

Do you choose one or the other?

Figure out which is better.

I'm not sure you want to hear this, but you need both. If you strategize well you can improve your SEO and Google rankings and inquiries.

I promise it sounds overwhelming but everything is better with a plan.

Get out your paper and pen or computer and let's get the ideas flowing and make this happen.

To some, blogging and email seem very similar. You are writing content to reach your audience. One is delivered directly and one is on a site where they can land to and read. Two different approaches to reach clients.

But what if we not only need both but utilize them in completely separate ways?

Can we do that? Yes, we can.

What are we trying to accomplish:

A strong funnel system of high-ranking blog keywords that bring traffic to our site. A compelling email opt-in once they land on your website to get them to subscribe to our emails. A workflow that creates connections and converts leads into clients.

We are talking about doing ALL THE THINGS so let's break it down into easily manageable steps.

Blogging for SEO:

Some fun facts first because I can't help myself 😊

Keywords and Backlinks use to be the holy grail for you to rank on Google. It didn't even have to make sense. You could slap all the keywords on your site you needed. List them off as generic as you wanted and ask anyone and everyone to link your site and BOOM, you were on the top page results.

This system doesn't work anymore and if you still have your page set up that way, fix it fast! This will cause google to flag your page and hurt your rankings.

If you want to know more about safe google practices White Hat SEO.

How google ranks sites in 2023:

Google uses a system called Panda (cute right)

to help bring quality sites to the top-ranking pages. There are things panda searches for that can negatively affect your page and things that can positively affect your page.

Your blog should be a hub of what your client is searching for.

Today to keep from rambling we will focus on blogs and brand equity.

One of googles core components for better ranking is Brand Equity (Brand Trust). This can come in many forms but today blogging will be our sweet spot.

We are going to take a newborn photographer as our example of great blogging practices you can implement for great content and better ranking.

Let's say your client is looking for a newborn photographer and goes to google. They search for newborn photographers in __________ or on their phone newborn photographers near me.

As they research they also see down the page a bit this section below.

Why is this section so important to your end goal for ranking?

When clients click on these questions it doesn't give a generic google answer, it shows top blogs from photographers with the answers. You need to be answering these questions!

These questions are a ranking gold mine for you to add to your blog.

*Remember this is only one factor to a great ranking site.

When you are trying to gain clients' trust you need to be an expert in your field. This is important for google too. Google takes these factors into account when listing your site.

So because I am long-winded and you have shit to do, I will be giving you your homework for today and creating a second blog for email marketing.

So today's homework:

Be the client in your industry and search for yourself or what people would search for. Ask friends to tell you what they would search for if looking for your services.

Find the "people also ask" area and write down the questions.

It's important to do multiple searches and switch up your wording.


  • (Your service) in whatever area you live

  • Top (your service) in

  • Best (your service)

  • Tips on finding the best (your service)

How many questions can you populate for your key searches?

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