But you don't see me-Representing Bodies in Boudoir

I have been doing boudoir for many years and there is one thing that hinders me personally when I see others work and pages for a session myself. They don't see me.

When I am scrolling through amazing images by an artist I look for bodies like mine to imagine a session for myself. I look for big bodies, darker bodies, stretch mark bodies and imperfections. I find it hard to give trust to someone who does not show my body or one similar. This may not seem like a big deal but as many know without representation trust can be hard to build.

As photographers who promote inclusion and body positivity we need to represent it. Also not with just models on our page but real people. Show that we work with all bodies. If you think well I am open to photograph all bodies and people but I don't know where to find them to photograph, this also should be an alert to open up your space and relationships to not just those like you or that look like you.

If you are looking for a photographer to hire, look at their page and see if they have images that make you feel that they could make you comfortable as well and empowered. You body should not be a showcase for them to say look at me I photographed XXX I am inclusive. You should not be a badge or hashtag. Your experience should be the same as every other experience.

Your body is worth celebrating and not being part of a hashtag to showcase.

I took this photo of myself years ago to showcase the beauty in my scars. After a bad 2nd/3rd degree burn I wanted to highlight beauty and strength as my body changed in ways I was not familiar with.

Krystal Shuga


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