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Do you give your clients a reason to trust you?

By Krystal Shuga Brand Photographer & Digital Marketing Specialist

I am currently working on a course on Brand Equity. I would love to dive into this more and hear from you as we use it in our tool box to be a better Brand.

Brand Equity: The amount consumers/clients are willing to pay for a brand they know and trust vs a competitor with the same offer and ingredients.

The best example to me personally are the iphone and Samsung phone. We spent thousands of dollars on these phones. Why?

First their Brand Awareness has made them a household name.

Second, trust. They also spend a great amount of time showing us why we should trust them and purchase their products.

I am sitting here with an iphone 13 convinced it is far superior than its counterparts. Is it? Probably not as much as I think but they have roped me into their trust and Brand Loyalty.

So as a business how do you create Brand Equity in a sea of other businesses just like you. I promise it has nothing to do with the amount of other people in the same industry. Tiffany & Co is a great example of that. Not only do they have a strong market for jewelry they have even sold some other unique items that seem a bit far fetched but people love their brand so much they are willing to pay for them. I could not find details on the actual sale amounts of this item but just an example of Brand Equity using their leverage to create a high priced item that can be purchased from other brands at a much lower cost.

The Tiffany Sterling Silver Clothespin

Before you click the link, just take a guess at how much this item cost?

So what are some ways we can dive into our Brand Equity and how to fine tune a clients experience to become a trusted leader in our industry?

Ask yourself these questions to start creating a plan to build Brand Equity.

  • Am I seen as a leader in my industry?

  • Have I created Brand Awareness? When people think of my service or product in my area, does my name come up often? If not why? Look at the Brands that do show up and see what makes them stand out.

  • What do I do to show I know everything about the products or services I offer? Do I show knowledge and information about my services that can create trust from clients?

  • Do I answer the commonly asked questions that clients have?

  • Do I have client testimonials on my website?

These are great first steps to start to write down answers and see how you can fine tune your business to create Brand Equity.

In what ways do you see Brand Equity in the businesses around you?

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Hey there! I am Krystal and I am a Branding Photographer and Brand Specialist helping with your Digital Marketing needs.

I have been a photographer for 15 years and focused on Boudoir, Branding and Portrait work. I have always loved helping other small businesses with their business and brand through the knowledge I continued to learn. I have always loved the business side of photographer which not every creative enjoys. When my fourth son was born I decided to make it "official" and continue my education in Digital Marketing, Google Analytics and SEO to help other small businesses with services and tie in Brand Photography as well because we all know how important that first impression is! I will share my journey and tips from my 15 years of being a small business myself doing my own marketing. From Sales to Email Automation I am a one woman show. I hope I can share some tips to help you grow your small business in a profitable and impactful way.

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