Finding calm in the midst of chaos

I have not panicked with the current health crisis but I have felt my anxiety rise. It is not the virus itself but the panic around me that has gotten me off sorts a bit. As I sit home trying not to overthink the what if, I am coming up with a calming list to help me stay under control even in situations that I have no control over.

1. Breathe: Find time to take deeper breathes when I feel panic or stressful situations around me. I have also utilized my apple watch quite often for breathing apps just to bring my awareness back to my breathe.

Here is a great article on your breathe from Health Fully and how deep breathing helps your body

How does breathing help calm you down?

2. Writing: When my feelings of anxiousness and stress stay confined in my mind, I can feel my heart start to race. My stomach gets upset and my head feels the pressure like the words themselves have over taken my body. Writing has helped me be able to put down words onto paper I may not feel I can share right away or if ever. It makes me feel ok to express myself without feeling judged. It is a way to calm my panic.

3. Fitness and Mind body exercise: I have let myself forgot how beneficial this was in my life for a long time. I would sit in my stress and let my whole body take over in tension and unhealthy habits. For the last month I have brought back my routine. I look forward to taking the moments for myself. I look forward to the feelings I get while working out or after. There are so many benefits of exercise but my main objective is stress reduction. It has helped and I look forward to my workouts.

4. Reading: Do you have a favorite author? Why not take the time you feel anxious to enjoy a book? Wrap yourself in another world for a moment.

5. Be creative: I am a lover of all things creative and I can dream to create. It helps excite me to bring things to life I think of or use my hands to create something that started as nothing. Draw, photograph,build or even move and dance.

What do you do to focus on yourself ?

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