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Facebooks Algorithm & you how it affects your client reach

Updated: 4 days ago

Facebooks Algorithm Graphic

Did you know Facebook is now updating daily and curating content per user?

What does this mean?

Facebook has moved more towards a curated feed. Like Tik Tok, your algorithm is based on your interest. Have you recently clicked on a business page post and noticed you are seeing it pop up constantly? How about a friend's feed you commented on and now you see all their post?

Likewise, if you have a group you love or a page but you are more of a silent contributor or lurker you may not see all their post anymore without reacting to them. The Facebook algorithm checks what post you want to see every time you check your feed.

For users, this can be a great advancement. You no longer see tons of posts and ads that aren't your interest. As long as your interacting, you can see a post from your favorite pages and friends show up more often on your feed than before. Those cringy copy-and-paste posts that say something along the line of "I haven't seen any of my friend's posts but just copy and paste this and comment hello and I will comment hello back so we can unlock our page" I don't know exactly how it goes because once I figure out it's a chain post I stop reading BUT they are on to something. All those friends who comment hello WILL now see their feed because they have shown Facebook they are interested! Maybe our parents are on to something with their chain letter ways.

So what does this mean for you as a business?

How do you keep up on building relationships and showing your amazing services & products to eyes that can't see them?

Your Page Dashboard is more important than ever now. See what your followers interact with. Add posts that are questions and encourage engagement. Avoid constantly selling or advertising.

Make sure to engage with followers. Comment, interact, and make sure they know you value them.

The average reach for a Facebook post is 5.2% with the engagement of 0.5% Source HootSuite

  • Spend 80% of your time making posts to interact and engage and 20% or less advertising. (Facebook also will flag pages to much spam so really keep under 20%)

  • Use your page insights to see what your top post are and see if you can spot a trend.

  • Find out what your followers enjoy, and create a poll.

  • Are they visual and like photos?

  • Do they like a personal message?

  • Do they enjoy videos?

  • Do they like stories?

Try the New Update to Facebook Pages with VIDEO: A/B Testing

Test two videos and see which does better to learn about your audience

Track the data and start focusing on the top engaging content styles. Remember just because they follow you doesn't mean they see your content. Creating engaging content for your target audience is more important than ever. Track your monthly results to continue posting what clients want to see and comment on. Love Facebook or Hate it, if you are using it for a professional platform, you should keep up with updates that can affect your business. Algorithms change often. AI, Bots, and other tools are being used to be quicker, smarter, and an integrated part of the user experience.

What can you do today to make your platform more engaging?

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