Letting my mind wonder into my earth space

Once the sun hit me and caused even the slightest degree of warmth I started dreaming about my garden and space to create a beautiful earth space to just be.

When spring comes around I find every sprout of greenery possible and grab the dirt and think about what will come. My garden space and yard are my favorite place to imagine what can be and what will be. The thoughts of starting something from a seed that will end up feeding my children to a small cutting that others may see as waste turn into a beautiful flower.

I plant, I spend time photographing beauty and sometimes I just sit and breath it all in.

What a great reminder in gardens that we can take a break to rest and come back beautiful and full of life. That we can start small and feel not enough but then feed those around us or take them to a place of love.

The kids loved watching the caterpillars eat up our dill, hoping this year they stay so we can watch them transform.

This year I will be working on adding more beauty to my landscape with flowers but also beautiful edible plants as well. My family has become part of my spring excitement with all my boys finding things they would like to grow and nuture. I can’t wait to share the things that we are growing and loving on with you to share the beauty of spring.

My son loves to take his mower into my garden to ”mow” this was year one attempt with newspaper. We have decided to go with grass clippings instead

What are your favorite ways to enjoy spring and nature with your family?

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