She has the world in her hands

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Meet Hailey KS Portrait studios newest Brand Ambassador. We met at Baumann Park for a beautiful late day session. The weather was perfect with a breeze to help with the warmth. I talked to Hailey about her plans now and for the future.

Everyday we get up go to our job or get into our routine and forget there was a time that we could imagine anything for our life. This is a moment where dreams can be a step into what you want to do and to feel like you can make a difference.

Our future is in Hailey and every young adult looking to see what is out there for them to make a difference doing. Remember to celebrate these seniors every year as they take the world into their hands.

Brand Ambassador Hailey

Location Baumann Park

Photographer Krystal Shuga with KS Portraits

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