The things we should be doing with our kids while home

Things you can do with your kids this month while home. The coronavirus may be keeping us indoors but it doesn't mean we cannot use this time to accomplish things. Here are a list of some things I have done with my kids that have not only helped us spend time together but give them life skills that will carry with them in so many situations.

  • Go over your emergency plans with your family.

Do you have a plan in case of fire, severe weather or unsafe situations? This time could be a great time to go over plans, actions and meeting places in these situations. Write out a map of your home and scenarios that could occur they can prepare for.

  • Have those conversations

Have the talks about predators, uncomfortable situations and ways your children can communicate with you to be safe. Do they have your phone number memorized and your work number? Do they have immediate neighbors they can contact if need?

  • Teach them basic first aid

Accidents can happen anytime. I don't feel my kids should take charge in a situation when I am around but I want them to feel knowledgeable to help until someone who can help can get there. The best resource for training's are Consider doing an online training with your children and practicing what you learn.

  • Give them cooking classes

My kids always ask to cook or help and now my 16 year old will go to our garden and come back and make meals because he loves to. If I am sick or busy he offers to cook dinner. His meals are amazing too! Even young ones can benefit from learning some basic cooking skills. Not only do they learn a skill they need in life you can also use this to teach reading instructions and measurements. My oldest and I don't always have things in common but we often cook together and it is always a special time for me.

  • Teach them basic sewing skills

My middle son has his own sewing machine. He had asked to learn and it made me a bit nervous him learning how to use the machine but I don't want my fear to take away from something he wants to learn. We started with felt and I would draw lines sometimes curves for him to follow. He has learned how to make simple things like rice packs but he loves to think of new things he can learn. We have a very simple fleece hat pattern we have as our next project to make hats for families in need. If you are a beginner sewer or advanced this is a great project to do with your family.

Easy fleece hat with ear flaps

  • Make sure they know important information about your family

As you can see by this blog I like to prep for what if situations. They can happen to anymore and more than you think. How we equip our children and family can turn a situation from an emergency to something we safely navigated with a plan. Don't under estimate your kids willingness to learn ways to help and these things can help them feel more confident overall.

Do your kids know you and other families phone numbers without needed them save to a phone?

Do they know your address and possibly a couple of immediate family?

Do they know what allergies they have or medical conditions that would be asked in the setting of an emergency or ones you may have?

Do they know how to use your phone in a situation you may be hurt?

Do you have poison control numbers on your fridge?

  • Teaching them volunteerism and ways to help there community

Even being home you can plans ways to help your community. Take this time to plan volunteer opportunities on your calendar with your family. What can you do together for others?

  • Plant a garden together

Here in Illinois it is a bit to cold yet for a garden but if you have the weather to start this is a fun way to get outside and spend time together. This year my family has bought seeds ahead of time to start winter sowing. We have jugs ready to create a greenhouse effect outdoors and my middle son has his seeds ready. He plans to watch them grow and take notes on soil. He is a bit of a plant fanatic.

I always love teaching my kids new things but these things help me feel I am teaching them to be confident and be able to help themselves and others and be prepared. What are some things you have taught your children you feel proud of?

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