Time management for Creatives

My favorite CRM is having a birthday giveaway! Not only am I excited to enter I can't even tell you how much they have helped take away the task I don't love to help me make time for the things I do...Creating images for clients.

Now you may think, I don't need a software I can do it all myself and you may be one of those that can, but for many creatives the administrative task are not on our do now list.

Now we may not love doing these things but without them we suffer. We can suffer from not being able to generate a relationship with a lead that could turn into a client.

We lose time by tracking manual things that can be set up in automation workflows like contracts, questionnaires and lead capture workflows.

Here is how Dubsado has helped me keep doing what I love

They help with client management. I love that I can look up a client and find so much information with one tap. Find what projects/sessions we have done together. Find what emails I have sent and invoices. They can even have access to a portal to put more information about themselves which in turn helps me.

If you do not have a CRM and have trouble with what to email clients I highly suggest getting one. Once I had my CRM set up I wrote out a plan for each type of client I serve. What I wanted to send them and started working on my emails. You can create templates or even purchase emails from someone else to pop in and you are set!

You can get a workflow ready for a big launch or a new set or project. If you have a great sale coming and know you will get a lot of inquiries, you can set up a workflow and let it do the magic. Clients can fill out a lead form and you can create the next step emails or even invoice proposals that automatically are delivered once they fill out your form.

Keep track of income and expenses. See where your clients are coming from. Set income goals and see what projects are bringing in. I love having a visual to help me better adjust the projects I am working on.

Set calendar schedules to send to potential clients. This is a huge one for me! I have played many games of tag when trying to pick a date for a clients session. We go back and forth on dates but can't find one that works. Sometimes I would have to go through all my emails to even find the dates we talked about. Dubsado has a calendar scheduler that I picked my dates available until December and it is put into a booked clients workflow. They get the email to schedule and bam done! It is the best and I don't have to go back and forth trying to remember it all. Once they are booked it shows up on my calendar as well so win win!

No matter what program you use I always suggest, writing out the things about your business you love to do. Write out the things you don't. What do you struggle with or tend to have issues with? If communication with clients falls in this category a good CRM can help you better organize and just make life easier.

So next week Dubsado my favorite CRM is having a birthday sale and you do not want to miss it!

Want to try it before you buy or get a discount when signing up? Use my referral code to test the waters. Make sure to dive into all the videos they have available to help you learn the ins and outs of this amazing software.

Click below for my referral link:)

I want to make life easier and focus on creating!

What task do you dread as a creative business owner?

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