Why businesses fail without these reminders

I can't believe the amount of friends I have that have a business, it's pretty amazing. With the high amount I also see the business shaming post as well. I think we all know now how much mom shaming there is out there and became a thing and as we know parenting is hard as hell.

Well it comes at those who have a business too. Maybe in a different way, but those memes, posts and indirect call outs are hurtful. So I want to remind you of a couple things as you work on your business. Please take these to heart and remember you are doing amazing and don't stop because of others.

Don't let your business fail because of these things

It's ok to work on your business and still have another part time job or full time job. This does not make your business any less or you.

It's ok to choose who you want to work with.

You do not have to work with people who are not offering your business income. You are not required to do things for exposure.

You can charge friends and family or you can offer them free services. Do what works for you, but set clear boundaries.

You can make it and others in your field can too. Focus on your business at all times and don't get distracted by what others are doing or jealous of their success.

You will have times that are tough but find support and people to help keep you accountable when you need it.

You do not need a store front to be a successful business.

It is ok to have set business hours and not hustle 24/7. Make yourself and self care priority.

Burn out is not something we should set to achieve. Take care of yourself.

It is ok to set goals and then celebrate them. Be proud of the things you achieve.

There is no timeline on success.

Money is not a bad word or thing. You deserve to make money and have a life that makes you happy.

You are worthy of success just as anyone else.

You are creative, smart and capable.

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